Monday, March 16, 2015

Garden Cat!


It's crazy that it took an avowed cat lady like myself so long to do a cat pattern! I suppose it just had to be the right time and I needed the muse to hit me…I was thinking about doing something Spring-y and flower inspired, and I do wish my kitties could spend their Spring days exploring a garden, but alas they are city cats and have to watch the seasons change from inside the apartment windows.


This cool cat gets to spend all his time under a magical sun, chilling with his friend the bee, smelling the amazing flowers and never worrying about a thing. Seems like a pretty good deal, Garden Cat!


Of course my apartment cat doesn't have it so bad either. I only put him to work filling orders on the rare occasion that I take a day off… if you ever get an email from me and it's full of typos, don't blame me…it's probably my assistant:

Head on over to Satsuma Street to find the Garden Cat cross stitch pattern (along with lots of other fun designs). All the cool cats are cross stitching these days!

xoxo Jody (and Stoli)


  1. From one graphic designer to another, your work is beautiful. Inspirational enough for me to want to cross stitch again. I think it's more then what the public wants, I think you breathed life back into an old favorite craft. Anyone would be delighted to work on one of your designs. Well done. I only hope I can find the same success in my new Esty store. I love making meaningful jewelry for clients. Enjoy your day. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I love your city designs, but this cat is just the coolest! (Also, congrats on your recent Etsy "Quit Your Day Job" profile.)

  3. Es precioso!!!me encanta el colorido que tiene!!!

  4. Another graphic designer here who thinks your work is wonderful! I love the colours and shapes, and the animal patterns are my fav (anything with birds, especially)! I've never cross stitched in my life until I saw your Etsy feature. Now my mom and I are forgoing into this new hobby together and having so much fun! I can't wait to see what you create next!


  5. Thanks everyone, so glad you like it!

    1. Garden cat is so gorgeous, I love the color palette you've used!