Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Hey.  Hi.  What's up?

Satsuma Street Modern Cross Stitch Sampler Pattern Greetings fonts typography

I love welcome signs of all kinds, so I designed this cross stitch sampler as a modern, happy version of all my favorite ways to say hello!  With each word in a different font, it's a perfect project or gift for a font nerd like myself.  Available in the Satsuma Street etsy shop here!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Pretty Little City!

I thought I'd start the blog off by introducing the different modern cross-stitch patterns I'm selling in the shop!

Satsuma Street modern cross stitch pattern Pretty Little City Mary Blair Inspired

First up is my personal favorite, and by far the most popular design in the shop right now, Pretty Little City.  This pattern is inspired by one of my favorite artists,  Mary Blair.  If you don't know Mary Blair's name, you almost certainly know her work...she was a concept artist and designer at Disney in the 1950's and 60's, and her designs were featured in Alice in Wonderland, Cinderella, and Peter Pan, along with many other animated features.  But she is perhaps best known as the designer behind the beloved "It's a Small World" ride in Disneyland.

I've loved Blair's work for a long time, and when I started designing cross-stitch patterns, I couldn't help but be influenced by her colorful, graphic style.  So this pattern, Pretty Little City, is my tribute to her.  I loved stitching it up, and couldn't help but use just about every color of the rainbow!  If you buy the pattern I provide a floss color key so you can match my choices, but I also think this would be a great way to explore your own color choices and come up with your own palette.  I can't wait to see how different cross stitchers interpret this one!

I think this would make such a great gift for a fan of Mary Blair or vintage Disneyland.  It would also make an adorable addition to a modern baby's room or nursery!  If you'd like to purchase the Pretty Little City pattern, you can find it in my shop on etsy, Satsuma Street!  

Saturday, February 2, 2013

welcome to Satsuma Street!

satsuma street cross stitch xstitch embroidery patterns designs modern fun hip new etsy

so glad you found me!  this is where I'll be posting updates on all the goings-on around Satsuma Street Designs.  the first big piece of news is that my etsy shop is finally open!  I'm starting out small, offering five really fun, modern cross-stitch patterns.  I'm working on more patterns as we speak, and soon I'll be adding counted cross-stitch kits, embroidery patterns, and more!