Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Pretty Little San Francisco, now in the shop!


Rudyard Kipling once said, "San Francisco has only one drawback - 'tis hard to leave."

As someone who grew up in the Bay Area, I have to agree with him.  Though I love where I live now, to me San Francisco will always be "The City".  Because it has such a big place in my heart, I was a little nervous about designing one of my Pretty Little City patterns for SF, I was worried I wouldn't be able to do it justice.  But I am so happy with how it turned out, and it's in the shop now!


Coincidentally, there is an exhibit of Mary Blair's work opening in San Francisco next month at the Disney Family Museum.  I can't wait to go and see my favorite artist being honored in my favorite city!


  1. I just discovered your blog and etsy shop via Mollie Makes and I love it all! I am (yet?) not a cross stitcher (I embroider a little, though) but your patterns really appeal to me. I am also a Mary Blair fan. So glad to have a new stitching blog in my reader. :)

  2. Was directed to your blog by a fellow cross stitched. LOVE IT!
    Is that a candlestick in the background? Clever incorporation.

  3. born and raised in san francisco and love, love, love the city ... i have a question about your chart, which is perfect: what is the *tower-like* object poking its head through the clouds on the left hand corner? it can't be part of the bridge or the other bridge tower would have the same tower ... so, what is it depicting?

    thanks so much .... darlene

    1. Hi Darlene, the orange and white landmark in the very top left is Sutro Tower. :)